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2018 MEDIA

Samsung C Lab Unveils Portable Directional Speaker, Greenhouse, and a Low Cost Research App

By 2018년 June 6일December 30th, 2020No Comments

Samsung’s in-house C-Lab startup incubation program has introduced three more projects from Agwart, Catchflow, and For Makers startups. With these projects taking the flight, Samsung now has launched 34 C-Lab projects since its inception in 2015. These new projects include an indoor smart garden solution, a portable directional speaker, and a research platform that connects clients and users based on mobile usage patterns

Starting with Agwart, the company has created an indoor smart garden solution called Plantbox that lets you grow veggies at home. Plantbox comes with a greenhouse box which is the size of a small fridge, seed capsules, and an app. You need to insert the seed of choice inside the Plantbox, and the greenhouse automatically detects the species of the seed and optimises its internal environment including lighting, temperature, humidity, air quality, and nutrients. Users are also able to monitor and control the environment via the app.

Catch Flow has made a one-of-a-kind portable directional speaker called S-Ray that sends the sound directly forward so only the people in the right direction can hear it. S-Ray is just one-tenth the size of a conventional directional speaker and it also runs on low power without compromising on volume or sound quality.

For Makers have built the AppBee app, with the hope to achieve reliable research results at low cost. This app lets users and clients connect with each other by analysing mobile usage pattern. It’s an opt-in research platform that analyses your mobile usage pattern, and automatically matches the users to suitable clients through AI-based algorithms. AppBee looks to empower startups and large corporations alike, by helping them to refine their products based on feedback.

With the help of Samsung, all the three startups have obtained business know-how, engaged in mentoring activities, and prepared themselves for the competitive world out there. Jaiil Lee, Vice President and Head of Creativity & Innovation Center at Samsung Research said in a statement, “During the past three years, 34 startups with 130 employees were spun off from C-Lab and they have hired an additional 170 people from outside of Samsung. We will continue to give opportunities to our employees to realise their innovative ideas as an entrepreneur in start-ups accelerated by Samsung.”

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