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2019 MEDIA

Headphone-Replacing Directional Speakers

By 2019년 October 18일January 4th, 2021No Comments

The ‘SRAY’ Directional Speaker Has a Fine-Tuned Design

The ‘SRAY’ directional speaker is a compact audio solution that seeks to replace traditional headphones in favor of a more ear-friendly device. Positioned as the smallest speaker of its kind, the unit works to create an “audio spotlight,” which will focus the sounds being played in one direction instead of across an entire area. This will provide users with a private listening experience that won’t disturb those around them to make it ideal for use in almost any space desired.

The ‘SRAY’ directional speaker is the design work of Tae-Young Kim of CatchFlow and could help users to stave off the long-term effects of constant headphone use. This will come as welcome news to those who listen to music for extended periods and who are looking for a more hearing health-conscious alternative.